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At Kidspod, you can trust that everything we do is led by the following beliefs:

Our Values






The KidsPod Story

One a mom, military spouse, market researcher, and education policy nut.

The other a rockstar designer, professional photographer, and number one aunt.

Founded by two sisters.

Frustrated by lack of options, idea for KidsPod is born!
Long-time NPR listener hears about new kids podcast
Wow in the World
2017 - 2019
Fall '20
Travels the world with her kids, discovering new kids podcasts along the way
Lockdown hits. She turns to podcasts to fill all the extra time and to deal with tough conversations... COVID, BLM, etc.
Kids' new hour-long school commute prompts search for kids podcast player

Jessica Ray

Becca Zabawa

The Problem

Right now the podcast world is built for adults.

To solve this, we're building a podcast listening platform that allows kids to discover, listen and interact with audio content in an environment designed for them.


Kids are to be respected and given the tools needed to drive their own curiosity, exploration, and education.


Technology should enhance our lives, not control it.


Screen time for kids and adults alike should inspire connection, growth and creativity in the real world.


All people, especially children, should have equal access to educational opportunities and technology.


Every kid should have access to the power of audio.

Our Vision

Kidspod is founded on a simple idea:

We believe podcasts benefit children and adults in much the same way. They are the ultimate educational, screen-free way to be entertained. Podcasts help find your niche, and build community across borders and cultures – all while driving or doing the dishes! But for kids, who learn by listening more so than reading, they are transformational. Kids podcasts democratize the internet and education in a way unlike anything else. 

One mom on a mission to get every kid plugged into podcasts. 

Our Story

I am a mother, military spouse and education policy nut. I’m a typical Mountain West woman, firmly rooted in family, faith and getting outside. However, I’ve spent most of my adult life in big coastal cities and have raised my kids on three separate continents. Becoming intimately connected with people and places all around the globe has taught me to care more about what ties us together than what separates us – with the most important common ground being the deep desire to make the world a better place for our children and to raise good humans.


Knowing my family and I have led a unique, privileged life so far, and witnessing first-hand the inequities of this world, I am deeply motivated to do everything I can to give all kids the same opportunities that my children have had. When I got the idea for KidsPod, I realized that something as small as having access to educational and entertaining podcasts could benefit millions of children all over the world. Sometimes the biggest problems can be solved by lots of small and simple solutions.


Will listening to silly kids podcasts solve the climate crisis, end world hunger and heal war-torn nations? No, but they might just empower the next generation that will. And again, they really are a parenting life-saver!

KidsPod Evolution Timeline 

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