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KidsPod is an innovative and affordable podcast app built just for kids.

Podcast freedom
for kids

With image-based navigation, easy off-line listening, personalized recommendations, and even interactive activities, KidsPod makes it easy and fun to jump into the world of kids' audio.

Adults welcome, but not required.

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Teach your children as young as three the power of audio and storytelling. 

Power of Audio


A sleek, intuitive design that any child and adult can easily learn to use.



Taking podcasts to the next level with the use of animation, assisted reading technology, quizzes, games, and much more.


Full supervision controls combined with our powerful analytics will ensure your child is only consuming the safest, best quality content.

Parental Control

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screen time you can say YES to.

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We know there are millions of families that would love an easy and fun way to listen to podcasts, but clicking below helps us prove it! 

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