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Celebrate World Kindness Day!

We know it's a few days late but we think kindness is always a worthy thing to highlight!

World Kindness Day was born when a group of humanitarians came together and made a “Declaration of Kindness”. It is a day to share random acts of compassion by helping others and your community.

Compassion for others binds us together, and kindness helps bridge the gap between race, religion, gender, and politics. Kindness provides a common language.

Kindness not only affects others it impacts us as well. Being kind has a positive effect on our mental health and physical well-being. It encourages healthy child development and positive social dynamics. Simply put, being kind makes us happy.

1. Start with being kind to yourself. Take care of yourself. Get some sleep, exercise, take a break. Whatever will help you function better as a person, allow yourself that time.

2. Be kind as a family. Spend time together, have family dinners, educate your children about the world around them and the struggles others face.

3. And be kind to your community. Give back in some small way. Volunteer, help your neighbor, support local.


“When words are both true and kind, they can change the world” - Jack Kornfield


Podcasts are another fun way to encourage kindness. Here are some podcasts for kids that focus on empathy, compassion, and stories of kindness.

Circle Round - Help your child learn through storytelling. Story Round uses adapted folktales to teach children empathy, kindness, and how to manage their emotions.

Big Life Kids - Teaches kids to be resilient, believe in themselves, and face life’s challenges. Discover living heroes who are making a difference in the world today.

Peace Out - A mindfulness podcast that helps children focus on calming down through visualization and breathing focused on kindness and science.

Kindness is Everything - A podcast where the host creates a community of kindness and interviews children and young adults about their incredible stories of kindness towards animals, the environment, and people.

Kind World- For older kids, this more mature podcast shows how a single act of kindness can change someone’s life.

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