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Why Kids Podcasts?

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

If you've heard about podcasts for kids, but aren't sure what all the hype is about, this post is for you!

Listening to podcasts is one of my family's favorite screen-time alternatives. But they are so much more than that! So here's your ultimate guide to the What, Why, Where, When, and How of Kids Podcasts...

WHAT are kids podcasts anyways?

Think Netflix for your ears. Podcast content for kids offers everything from stories, serialized narratives, shows about science, history, greek mythology, jokes, current events, improv comedy, meditation, music and so much more. They have an addicting mix of entertainment and education and are surprisingly enjoyable for adults, too! Not sure the same can be said for most Netflix shows...

Ok, but WHY are they so great?

Let me count the ways... First, they are GOOD for your kids' brains. Research shows that kids' brains work differently while listening to audio rather than watching video. They are more active! It taps into their capacity for imagination and critical thinking, supports reading engagement and nurtures a love of storytelling. Plus, kids' listening comprehension has been shown to outpace their reading comprehension until about 7th grade. Which makes total sense considering that's how kids learn to communicate.

Second, and probably the most obvious, they educate and inspire creativity. I love that my kids get to hear stories from people and places all over the world, learn about the latest science discoveries, and tackle tough subjects about the world they live in. They spark family conversations that continue from the car to the dinner table and new traditions like playing Smash Boom Best while we eat together.

Which is probably my favorite thing about podcasts: they inspire connection in the real world! While video games, YouTube videos and Netflix suck kids further and further into the screen, podcasts don't want you to listen for hours on end. They want kids to listen and then jump into exploring, playing, reading and creating on their own.

But lastly, we have to talk about how they are simply a life saver for parents. Which bring us to...

When and where would my kids listen?

Well, let's see. Kids fighting or screaming in the car? Turn on a podcast. Stuck in a long line or waiting room with incessant whining? Turn on a podcast. Kids don't want to do chores? Turn on a podcast. Toddler doesn't want to nap? Turn on a podcast. Kids begging for more screen time? Give them some legos and turn on a podcast. Seriously... GAME CHANGER. Honestly, I dare you: next time you're tempted to hand over your phone or give in to tablet time, try a podcast and see what happens!

But How do I figure out where to find podcasts?

Although kids content is getting slightly easier to find on your normal podcast players like Apple Podcasts, Google or Spotify, it's still a bit tricky. Instead, you can check out our other posts about our favorite shows, sign-up for our newsletter or check out these awesome resources below!

A Big List of Podcasts for Little Kids

A Big List of Podcasts for Bigger Kids

Kids Listen

Soon you'll be able to download the KidsPod App (!) which will make listening a breeze and let your kids explore on their own. Which I CANNOT WAIT for. I love listening together with my kids, but I don't want to have to be the gate keeper all the time. If a toddler can turn on the TV, find their favorite Peppa Pig episode and fast forward to jumping in muddy puddles, then they should be able to do the same with podcasts! Plus having a separate app will declutter my own podcast feed. And that's what we call a win win. If you want to be one of the first to try out KidsPod, don't forget to subscribe!

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