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9 Kid-Friendly Podcasts for Your Next Family Road Trip

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

You can only play “I spy” or the “license plate game” so many times before desperately needing new activities and I don’t know about you, but hearing “Are we there yet?” for the 578th time makes me want to jam pointy objects in my ears.

And while the iPad is a great distraction for several hours, it can get boring…or I at least want my kids to have a screen break for a short period of time.

Keeping the kids entertained can be challenging, and thinking of kid-friendly entertainment takes more brain bytes than I’ve got!

But… what about trying audio entertainment for our technology-focused kids? Not just music or audiobooks (these are great options too!) but something that gets them thinking, laughing, and engaged.

And that’s where podcasts can be added to your road trip bag of tricks!

Podcasts are great screen-free entertainment that will keep your kids busy and not singing “Are We There Yet?”…well, for a little while at least, and even mom and dad will find they are super interested too!

Try these 9 kid-friendly podcasts on your next family road trip:

Wow in the World - Geared toward kids ages 5-8, Wow in the World is the number one podcast for kids and their grown-ups. The hosts share stories about the latest in science, technology, and innovation. Wow in the World aims to investigate the crazy, cool things happening around us every day and help spark conversations between kids that will lead to their own big discoveries. Episodes highlight exciting new research such as space, dinosaurs, technology, and human origins.

Circle Round - Adapts fairy tales, myths, and legends for families to listen to on the road. Circle Round chooses stories for kids ages 3-103. Each episode explores themes like friendship, creativity, and generosity and features famous voices. The episode ends with an activity to inspire deeper conversations between children and grown-ups.

Pants on Fire - Will put your truth detecting skills to the test. In each episode, kid contestants are asked to tell which two ‘experts’ are telling the truth and which is a liar! Funny and fast-paced this show teaches kids to ask insightful questions, weigh the evidence, and trust their gut.

Eleanor Amplified - An adventure series for the whole family. Listen along as Eleanor foil devious plots and outwits crafty villains in pursuit of the big story. This show will spark laughter and encourage conversations between the whole family. Eleanor Amplified is entertaining and informative.

Smash Boom Best - A debate show for kids and families. Every episode will takes two neat ideas, smashes them together, and lets you, the listener, decide the winner! Dogs vs. Cats, Pizza vs. Tacos, Super Speed vs. Super Strength. Debaters use passion and facts to make their case and teach listeners how to defend their opinions along the way.

Brains On - A cool podcast for kids and families. Every week a kid co-host joins the host to find the answers to compelling questions about our world. Its mission is to encourage children’s natural curiosity and wonder using science and history. There is no age limit on curiosity and Brains On can be enjoyed by anyone.

Ear Snacks - Combining kids, experts, songs, and jokes and taking small things and BIG ideas, Ear Snacks is a non-fiction variety show for kids. The hosts of Ear Snacks focus each episode on kids’ voices and ideas, Emmy-nominated music, and grown-up experts who share what they know about art, science, music, and culture.

But Why - A show led by kids asking the BIG questions. Tackling topics large and small about anything and everything…even the end of the world. Kids can have a grown-up record their question and send it in to ‘But Why’ to have it answered in one of their podcasts.

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel - Does your child love a good mystery? This serial mystery story designed for middle graders is performed by kids! Listen along as 11-year-olds go on a mysterious adventure to save their missing friends. This creates an experience of epic proportions for kids and grown-ups alike.

These are just 9 kid-friendly podcasts to get you started! There are so many podcasts for kids that your family can explore while on the road (or at home)!

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