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6 Ways Listening to Podcasts Helps Kids Learn!

Podcasts provide kids with a wealth of information through storytelling that lets their imaginations run wild, debates that pique their curiosity, solving scientific problems and so much more. Kids are always learning, podcasts just make it super fun!

Here are 6 Ways Listening to Podcasts Help Kids Learn.

1. Listening To Podcasts Encourages Conversation. Even after podcasts are over kids are continuing to learn because they are still asking questions. These questions encourage them to do more research, which leads to more conversation and, in turn, even more learning!

2. Listening to Podcasts Boosts Reading Skills. Kids reading skills will improve and they will read more. By simply listening to others speak, children hear rhythms and patterns that, in turn, they are able to use to boost their own reading skills and not just reading, reading WITH comprehension!

3. Listening to Podcasts Engages Children’s Imagination. Believe it or not, listening creates more imaginary fun for children than video. It forces children to use their brains to create visual imaging rather than just processing incoming visual images. It essentially unlocks their minds to a whole new world.

4. Listening to Podcasts Improves Attention and Memory. And who doesn’t want their kid to be more attentive and remember what they're told? By listening, children’s brains are forced to focus and recall detailed information. Podcasts pack a lot of punch. They are short and are filled with an abundance of information and entertainment in those short bursts.

5. Listening to Podcasts Keeps Kids Curious. So many podcasts, that are not just entertaining for kids but also their grown-ups, create an environment that encourages kids to ask questions. All kinds of questions! And podcasts can answer “But Why?”, even the 1000th time it is asked.

6. Listening to Podcasts is Making Education More Accessible. Kids can listen to podcasts whenever they want and wherever they want. And they WANT to! When was the last time your kid ASKED to do something educational? But every time they turn on a podcast, kids are learning. Podcasts are reducing barriers for students with impairments and they are engaging students more in their studies.

Try these educational podcasts the next time your kids are asking to listen!

Educational Story-time Podcasts:

Do your kids love adventure, have wild imaginations, or want to explore the world? These podcasts will immerse them in imaginative storytelling while teaching them about new experiences.

Story Pirates

Circle Round

Ethics Podcast:

This fast-paced podcast is all about asking the hard questions that get you thinking. If you have a kid who always needs to get to the ‘why’, this podcast is a fun way to do that while encouraging productive conversation.

Short and Curly

Math Podcasts:

Are numbers what get your kid excited (or maybe they need some numeric encouragement), either way, these podcasts are sure to be a hit!

Million Bazillion

Money with Mak and G

Debate Podcast:

We all know someone who has to debate EVERYTHING. This is the podcast for their kid! But really, all kids will love to listen to this host take two cool ideas and “smash” them together to find the best.

Smash Boom Best

Science and History Podcasts:

Want to encourage your kid’s natural curiosity? These shows ask questions about the world we live in; while taking kids on a journey through science, history, technology, and innovation.

Brains On!

Wow in the World

And these are just a fraction of what is out there for kids! There are podcasts for language arts, music, news…and the list goes on! Be sure and check out the topics your kid is interested in. Podcasts will fill their brains with all sorts of educational information and have them spouting off facts that are sure to impress their teachers!

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