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  • Rachel Lacy

Podcast Apps are Failing Kids, KidsPod is the Solution!

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Everyone in my family is a self proclaimed podcast enthusiast (borderline obsessive listener).

We LOVE podcasts. My husband listens to shows about history, politics, psychology, and business. I love shows about parenting, psychology, religion, and business. And my kids, they love listening to story podcasts along with shows about science, history, current events, famous people, animals, and the list goes on and on. The options for kids podcasts are endless.

When we talk to friends about our favorite podcasts, one of the most common questions I get is- “Where do you listen? What app do you use?”

And the truth is, we currently use a few different apps to meet our needs. We haven’t found one that fits all our needs. And it’s frustrating.

We use Apple podcasts for some shows, Spotify for others, and Pinna for some of the exclusive content. And with the exception of the premium app Pinna, none of the apps are ideal for kids. We have to sort through all the adult shows and/or music to listen to podcasts for kids. It’s clunky and annoying. It’s hard for my kids to navigate and even more difficult for them to discover new shows, which leaves it up to me to navigate and discover new shows for them. It’s not ideal and extremely limiting.

Which is why we are so excited for KidsPod to launch this fall!

The best podcast app for kids! All our struggles of navigating and discovering new shows will be solved with the KidPod app, where our kids can find all the entertaining and educational podcasts in one place! All publicly available content will be on KidPod for free or you have the option of paying a small subscription fee to use the added features of playlists, downloads, specific user profiles, and more! Your kids will have no program finding a great podcast to enjoy and you will love all the time they spend learning and listening to podcasts made for kids!

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