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9 Things to do While Listening to Kid’s Podcasts

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Listening to kid’s podcasts is all the rage these days. With the current explosion of kid friendly audio content it is no wonder the world of kidcasting (kids + podcasts) is on fire. Parents are eager for screen-positive + educational + entertaining options for their kids and listening to kid’s podcasts checks all the boxes.

If you’ve jumped on the kidcast bandwagon here are 9 things your kids can do while listening to keep their little hands busy.

9 Things your kids can do while listening to Kid’s Podcasts

1- PlayDough or Kinetic Sand

One of the best activities for younger kids (or really kids of any age) is experiencing the sensory input from kinetic sand or playdough. Nothing beats the squishy creative play of playdough while listening to a fun and engaging podcast such as Melon’s House Party.

2- Legos

Legos are one of the greatest creative toys available. I haven’t met a kid who doesn’t love those little bricks. The tactile format of legos is a perfect pairing with the audio format of podcasts. For younger kids (ages 5-9) try a serial science fiction story podcast called, “The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian.” For older kids (ages 7+) turn on an educational podcast such as this one about famous LEGO sculptor Nathan Sawaya called, “Once Upon a Playtime

3- Coloring/Drawing

Coloring is one of the most calming activities kids can do and when they pair it with an engaging story podcast it can be a truly enchanting experience. One of our favorite podcasts to listen to while coloring is, WBUR’s Circle Round- the storytelling podcasts of folktales from around the world. Visit wbur’s website for a complete list of coloring pages associated with each episode.

4- While relaxing in a swing

Swinging has an incredible impact on the brain’s ability to process information. Swinging helps with sensory integration, especially for those with a weak vestibular system. One of my daughter’s favorite ways to listen to podcasts is while swinging on our indoor sensory swing. It provides deep pressure for relaxation, movement for vestibular stimulation, and a quiet environment for ideal focus. For kids 7+ try one of our favorite storytelling podcasts called, “Bedtime Stories by R.A. Spratt

5- Walking

One of my favorite times to listen to podcasts is while walking the dog. I reserve a handful of podcasts to listen to while walking and it turns the mundane task of walking the dog into one I look forward to everyday. Something about moving my body while my mind is engaged in immersive learning feels especially productive. The same is true for kids. Get them moving on a walk, running around outside, or even jumping on the trampoline while listening to a fun podcast. For younger kids, ages 3-5 try LingoKids “Music to our Years” to discover cool facts followed by cute songs.

6- Cleaning

One of the best ways to distract kids from the drudgery of chores is to turn on a fun podcast. Listening while working removes the monotony and makes time fly. My kids love to turn on their favorite serial podcast for long lasting storytime. Younger kids (ages 3-8) try, “Adventures of Cairo” and older kids (ages 8-13) try “Treasure Island 2020

7- Falling Asleep

Bedtime is a perfect time for podcasts. With nearly a dozen shows dedicated to helping kids relax and fall asleep you’ll have no trouble finding one that does that trick. For younger kids (3-5 years) try Sleep Tight Stories or Goodnight, World by Sesame Street. Middle ages (6-9 years) try Like You or KoKo Sleep. And for older kids (ages 10-13) try Get Sleepy or Dreamful.

8- Driving in a car

One of the best ways to kill time while driving in a car, for short or long trips, is listening to podcasts together! Try engaging educational shows that are perfect for the family like, Wow in the World. Or try intense serial stories that keep you asking for more, like Six Minutes.

9- At a restaurant

I know it's tempting to pull out a phone or tablet for your kids while eating out. I get it, sometimes it’s nice to keep the kids entertained and sitting still while out in public so everyone can eat in peace. But rather than reaching for a show, try a podcast. A good storytelling podcast can keep kids entertained for the duration of the meal and doesn’t carry the same guilt as giving your kids lots of screen time. Young kids ages 3-6 love the story telling podcast, Stories Podcast and older kids (7+ years) enjoy the entertainment of a good debate in,Smash Boom Best.

And the list goes on and on. The reality is, nearly all activities can be enhanced with podcasts. Adding screen-smart, educational, and entertaining audio to the mix is alway a good idea.

Listening to kid’s podcasts is an easy win.

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