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11 Spooky Podcasts for Kids to Enjoy This Halloween Season!

It’s that time of year where cobwebs adorn houses, skeletons suddenly appear in grocery stores, and the thrill of a fright is in the air. The Halloween season is upon us and one of our favorite ways to get into the Halloween spirit is through spooky podcasts for kids! While I’m not one to seek out too much of a scare, have no fear, there is a podcast for every level of fear tolerance. Festively frightful and silly shows for the youngest listeners to bone chilling tales for the older listeners (who are braver than I am). Check out these 10 spooky podcasts for kids……If you dare….

11 Spooky Podcasts for Kids

**For our youngest listeners ages 3+years, scroll to the bottom of the post for individual Halloween themed episodes perfect for their ears**

Spooky Troops- The Last Halloween 6+

In this immersive serial audio drama the whole family can enjoy, a group of tween supernatural friends who join together to restore peace among monster-kind after they uncover an evil plot to destroy the pitifuls (humans)! Complete with mystery, adventure, spooky sound effects, and original songs.

Scary Stories for Creepy Kids 7+

If you have a little one who loves telling and hearing scary stories, this might be the one for them! This adorable podcast by Ayla and Calla features two young sisters who love sharing creepy and silly stories! Lots of gross, scary, silly, creepy, and goofy stories. We always appreciate a podcast for kids.

Grim, Grimmer, Grimmest 7+

This is by far one of our family’s favorite podcasts. We absolutely adore it because while it’s a bit spooky there is enough silliness mixed in to make all the weird and creepy seem less well, scary. Adam Gidwitz tells wild and twisted fairy tales to a group of curious and silly kids who contribute their own jokes, conclusions, and opinions. Adam Gidwitz is an absolute genius storyteller and this podcast is an absolute gem. We have listened to every single episode several times. You can find the first episode free, the remaining episodes are for paid for subscription.

RL Stein's Story Club 8+

If you have a Goosebumps lover in your house, you have to try this podcast! This podcast from Go Kid Go features never before heard stories from the legendary RL Stein. It's a frightful and immersive audio drama that is perfect for kids who love a good thrill (without anything too frightful). My tender 7 year old daughter has binged the entire show this week.

The Hollow 7+

An exciting and professionally produced audio drama about a modern retelling of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Follow 6th graders from Sleepy Hollow Middle school as they uncover the truth behind the Headless Horseman- elements of thrill and spooks but not too scary for middle elementary kids to enjoy. My kids loved this series! They binged it in two days. You can also tune into the reading of the original story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” read as an audiobook in season 2.

Unspookable 8+

If you have a child who is fascinated by spooky tales and supernatural phenomena they will love this podcast- a deep dive into the history and mysteries behind some of the most popular spooky stories and urban legends. Learn about zombies, chupacabras, ghost ships, the dark, and so much more. Some episodes include spooky details, some younger kids may be sensitive to, if you have a sensitive kid try listening together. The New York Times included it as one of seven podcasts big kids will love.

Cupid vs Reaper 8+

In the second volume of the popular podcast “Becoming Mother Nature” we learn about two more super-powered teenagers, one who accidentally inherits the cloak of the grim reaper and the other who takes over the title of Cupid. This immersive audio drama from Gen-Z Media tells the adventure story of two unlikely heroes who learn to harness the power of life, death and love to fight off a mysterious supernatural force at their school. My kids devoured this whole series, several times over (my daughter who loves to listen to things multiple times is currently on her 6th listen).

The Creeping Hour 8+

The premise of this podcast is so creative and has moments of levity to help with all the scares. Follow the creeps, a group of kids who listened to so many scary stories that they turned into monsters, as they tell spooky stories for the whole family to enjoy. My kids and I have been listening to this podcast all week to get into the Halloween spirit and loving it (listening together helps ease some of the scary parts).

The Witch in the Woods 10+

Promoted as a family friendly horror podcast that follows four children as they accept a dare to seek out the witch in the woods. An immersive audio drama with spooks and thrills as the children find themselves in a scary story of their own. Made for middle grade and young adults, it will have you and your children wondering: “Am I brave enough to be listening to this!?” and “When does the next episode come out!?”

Milky Way Undercover 10+

A mysterious audio drama about two siblings searching for their father through a dreamworld. It's full of thrills and adventure and the journey of growing up and becoming yourself.

Camp Redrum 12+

New podcast alert! If you are up for a real scare, this might be the show for you. It’s frightening! Definitely don’t recommend it if you have a child worried about monsters in their closet or doesn’t like to be scared. This show pushes you into common frightful places and is such a thrill! If you have a child who loves to be scared- this is the perfect show. Give it a listen- if you dare! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

3+ Year Olds

Festive (non scary) episodes from some of our favorite podcasts:

April Eight- Which Witch and the Goblin

YourClassical Kids Storytime: Dia De Los Muertos and Harriet’s Halloween Candy

Tales from the Lilypad: Three Witchey Ghosty Fairy Stories for HAlloween

Circle Round: The never ending stories

Girl Tales: Ghost Town; Ms. Katrina Van Tassel

Story time for kids: Fancy Nancy Halloween…or Bust! Super Great Kid’s Stories: Halloween Special- Baba Yaga’s Breakfast

Storyberries Radio: A Night with a Living Pumpkin- Halloween Stories for Kids and Teeny Tiny Halloween Tale

Stories Podcast: Dog King Halloween!

Little Stories for Tiny People: Little Rabbit’s Halloween; Zebra and Donkey’s Halloween

What will she do next? Halloween Special- Halloween Special- The Sirens; Mary Shelley- Halloween Special

Best Whatever Ever! Albert Apeinstein Saves Halloween

Brains On! Bones from the inside out!

Cool Facts about Animals- Cool facts about Crows!

The Imagine Neighborhood- Alakazambra’s Halloween Party

Smash Boom Best- Vampires vs. Werewolves

Tumble- Happy Halloween

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